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E-Learnign currently providing two courses. 1. Foundation Course And 2. In-Depth Course. In-Depth Course is for members who have completed Foundation Course successfully. After creating account, login and go to Courses page and click on 'Add To Cart' button in available course. Pay fees button will be seen after Adding course in your cart to make payment and confirm your course registration.

E-Learnign courses needs following requirements.

  1. Internet Connection
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  3. Online webinar plugin (link to download will be available in member area)
  4. Strong will to learn

Yes. After completion of course, a certificate of completion will be awarded by Niramaya Ayurvedic Research & Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Indian Rupee for members from India And USD Dollar for Non-Indian Members are available currency mode.

Instamojo and Cashfree payment gateways for Indian Rupee payment and PayPal payment gateway for USD Dollar payment are available.

Yes. You can print receipt from member area after login.

Unfortunately NO. Once you opted course and made payment for the same, it is niether be cancelled nor refunded.

Foundation Course Topics are :
E-Learning Introduction
Cancer Session 1 - Need Of Bird Eye View
Cancer Session 2 - The Scenario
Cancer Session 3 - Integrated Approach Advantages
Cancer Session 4 - Appropriate Approach
Cancer Session 5 - Appropriate Approach
Cancer Session 6 - Uncontrolled Growth Of Abnormal Cells
Cancer Session 7 - A Thought By vd Kolhatkar
Cancer Session 8 - Heredity
Cancer Session 9 - Stress And Depression
Cancer Session 10 - Principle For Treatment
Cancer Session 11 - Santarpana
Cancer Session 12 - Apatarpana
Cancer Session 13 - Vyadhee Pratyanik
Cancer Session 14 - Vyadhee Pratyanik
Cancer Session 15 - Some Typical Cases
Cancer Session 16 - Living With Cancer
Heart Disease Session 1 - Prevention
Heart Disease Session 2 - Prevention
Heart Disease Session 3 - Hrudrga Kalpana Vichar
Heart Disease Session 4 - Ayurvedic Holistic Approach
Heart Disease Session 5 - Hypertension - Ayurveda Perspective
Diabetes Session 1 - Prevention of Diabetes
Diabetes Session 2 - Ayurvedic Treatment
Diabetes Session 3 - Ayurvedic Treatment
Summary Of Cancer Foundation Course
Special Session On Raskalpa Used In Heart Disease And DM

Indepth Course Topics are :
Introduction To Indepth Course
Session 2 - Review Of Foundation Course
Session 3 - Cancer Initial Stage
Session 4 - Metastatis And Causes Of Cancer
Session 5 - Causes Of Cancer
Session 6 - Diet And Exercise
Session 7 - Radiation, Heredity
Session 8 - Role Of Hetupratyanik Treatment
Session 9 - Harmones, Autoimmune Diseases
Session 10 - Cow Milk
Session 11 - Effect Of Beejdushti, Chemotherapy
Session 12 - Ideal Treatment Approach
Session 13 - Types Of Cancer
Session 14 - Nomenclature Of Cancers
Session 15 - Cancer Staging
Session 16 - Cancer Staging
Session 17 - Cancer Staging, Hetupratyanika Chikitsa
Session 18 - New Sanskras, Unnatural Lifestyle
Session 19 - Avoidance Of Causes
Session 20 - Hetupratyanika Medicines, Uterine CA, Endometrial CA
Session 21 - Ovarian CA
Session 22 - Ovarian CA,Breast CA
Session 23 - Breast CA, Fibroadinoma
Session 24 - Breast CA - Grading, Stages
Session 25 - Ayurvedic Treatment
Session 26 - Santarpana Medicines
Session 27 - Vyadhi And Dosha Pratyanik Treatment
Session 28 - Symptomatic Treatment
Session 29 - Basic Anupaan, Regime
Session 30 - Case Discussions

Yes. You can contact via Whatsapp to vaidya Manish Joshi on +91-94204-62065 for any technical help.

Do you have any other query ? Please contact us at : info@gadgilayurveda.com