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21 Jun 2022 
(2 weeks ago)

Yoga and Ayurveda

Vaidya Sushrut Gadgil    
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The ancient Indian sciences are always transcendental among all the philosophical sciences in the world. The beauty of these is they are inclined towards humanity and have close relation with the nature. The cause and effect relationship in these sciences is so excellent that in any period it is true for all circumstances. The final destination of each Indian philosophical science is to achieve salvation. Various methods are used to achieve this salvation and are discussed under various conce......

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10 Mar 2021 
(one year ago)

Understanding Ayurveda

Vaidya Dilip P. Gadgil    
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Ayurveda needs to achieve its full potential both in India and globally. This requires imparting to its students full appreciation of Ayurveda’s power and strength, particularly proper understanding of the advantages of applying it to treat chronic and acute diseases. To this end, we explain the necessity of learning Sanskrit as a medium of study, and the advantages of learning the Texts in the traditional way, rather than relying on translations with all the loss of mea......

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